Safe Rides Home is a free service* for students currently enrolled at SDSMT
*operates during regular hours of the taxi company and their driver availability.

Taxi service is available this Fall, Spring, and Summer.
  1.  Call a taxi at 605-348-8080
2.  Show driver your current college ID
3.  The taxi will take you and any friends to ONE home destination
4.  No charge within Rapid City limits
(fees may be charged outside Rapid City limits)
5.  Tip the driver as you normally would

Try all of your alternatives FIRST.
This is a pilot program that can continue if used responsibly.
  If you are able to pay for a ride, do that.
  If you are able to call a friend, do that.
  If you are able to walk safely home, do that
  If you are able to arrange a sober driver, do that.

Don’t Drink and Drive
Protect yourself and others!

   Questions or comments?  Contact [email protected]
Thank you to of the Department of Highway Safety.